4 Year-Olds on the Canopy Tour!

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Most visitors who stay in vacation rentals in Costa Rica are confronted with the possibility of doing a canopy tour during their visit. When it comes to canopy tours in Manuel Antonio, there are several options: Titi Canopy, Canopy Safari, MidWorld, etc.  The good news is that all of these tour operators are fun, well-run, and safe.

4 year old does canopy tour in Costa Rica!

4 year old on Canopy Tour!

But to most, a canopy tour is something for the adventurous teenage boy–not the whole family, including children.  I recall my first canopy tour in Rincon de la Vieja, many years ago: There was a model American family along with us–father, mother, and teenage son and daughter.  The son seemed excited, and the daughter nervous.  When we arrived at the very first platform, however, it was the father took one look and said: ‘Whell–see you later!  I’ll meet you back at the lodge!’

This Friday afternoon my preconceptions of the typical canopy-tour-goer were completely shattered when my 4-year-old daughter and her friend did the Canopy Safari tour!

18 platforms, 10 zip lines, 2 repel lines, one suspension bridge, and one “Tarzan swing” a hundred feet above the ground!  And not once did either of the girls show any hint of fear!  By the end they were daring each other to do tricks like the adults!

Manuel Antonio Canopy Tour 2

Zip-lining with style!

I think Daddy was the most nervous one there.  As an outdoor enthusiast and ex-Outward Bound instructor, I should have been the least nervous.  I wasn’t concerned with the safety of the course, or equipment; I’d done the tour before myself, and was impressed at how well it was constructed, and also how professionally it was run.  I wasn’t concerned with the ability of the guides–their expertise was evident.  I suppose in the end it was just parental querulousness that affected me.  And excitement.

Now, in retrospect, I will forever hold an image burned into my memory: Of my 4-year-old princess, zip-lining through the rainforest over a river, hands-free and smiling wider than a tree frog.

So.. if a couple of 4-year-old girls can do the canopy tour, how can you say ‘no’?


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