‘Green Season’ in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Any who have researched Costa Rica know that the euphemism ‘Green Season’ is really another term for ‘rainy season’.  The average daily rainfall goes up and  the number of house rentals at the beach goes down.  Looking at the web, most sites date the Green Season from May to November–7 months, which brings visions of a tropical Seattle to mind.  In February, the average rainfall is 1.4 inches, while in October it is 25.4 inches.  (As a comparison, my home in Colorado Springs ranges from .3 inches in the driest month to 3.3 inches in the wettest!)

But what is the rainy season really like in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica?

I often contrast it to the Pacific Northwestern United States–specifically, Olympia, where my parents live.  They get 7 months of rain each year, too.  Their average yearly precipitation is 50.6 inches. Yet for 7 months in the Pacific Northwest it is overcast and drizzly.  You rarely see the sun, and the rain is COLD.  Getting caught in the rain without protection is a definite no-no.

In Manuel Antonio, the average annual rainfall is 152 inches–more than 3 times Olympia!  But here when it rains, it rains with purpose.  The Costa Rican weather gods purge in three hours what it takes the Olympian gods a week to produce.  As a result, you tend to get much more of a polarized weather system.  Even in the green season, it is common to have beautiful, sunny mornings, followed by an afternoon deluge.

The reverse is true, too.  There’s even a saying in Costa Rican: ‘Manana oscura, tarde segura.’  Which basically translates to: ‘Dark skies in the morning make for clear skies in the afternoon.’  Either way, you’ll see a lot more sunshine here during those rainy months than you will in the Pacific Northwest.

Furthermore, unless your main goal is to bring back a Voguish tropical tan, the rain is one of the most beautiful and peaceful aspects of the rainforest.  Tropical rain is warm, but still manages to cool off even the hottest day.  There is nothing quite as pleasant as spending a sunny morning at the beach in Manuel Antonio national park, and then sitting back in the afternoon in the comfort of your luxury condo or rental villa to enjoy the sounds of the rainforest in action…

And if that wasn’t enough–accommodation prices for Manuel Antonio vacation rentals are about 30% lower than during the high & dry season!

Think about it: Fewer tourists, lower prices, cooler weather, and a nice mix of rain and shine!  What could be better?



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