Morning in Manuel Antonio

Written by Kent on January 8, 2016. Posted in Uncategorized

Morning in Manuel Antonio… In the Valley of Pure Life, the rainforest stirs. As the deep blue glow of dawn begins to silhouette the canopy, the denizens of the wood come to life. Slowly, the ubiquitous chatter of the insects diminishes, giving way to the awakening calls of birds and other animals. The silent bats flit by, capturing their last meal of unseen insects before retiring to their dark hideaways. A flock of parakeets passes overhead, sounding like a gaggle of geese on helium. A myriad of birdsongs fill the air, some of which are unrecognizable–but a few of which can be identified: the insistent ‘kiskadee!’ of the flycatchers, the melodious sounds of grosbeaks, and the high-pitched trill of hummingbirds. In the distance, the calls of a dozen scarlet macaws brings to mind the image of a flight of pterodactyls. Above, the last stars fade away into the paling sky, leaving only the Cheshire Cat smile of a moon, and the illustrious beacon of Jupiter.

The air is cool, but perfect for sitting outside on the deck with a cup of hot, Costa Rican coffee in hand. Distantly, I can hear the sound of a motorcycle, as if heralding the responsibilities of the coming day. I breathe deeply; the air is thick, and pure. Its vital essences suffuses me, and fills me with a sense of peace and home. Here, life is sacred and pervasive, as if blurring the boundaries between all living things. Here, one does not need to escape the confines of civilization to be at one with nature.

What a beautiful paradise this is!
Manuel Antonio morning