Paddle Boarding Comes to Manuel Antonio

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Paddle boardingIn the 1980s, I had the fortune, foresight, or dumb luck to be one of the first people on the ski mountain with a snowboard.  ‘What IS that thing, a surf ski?  A mono ski?’  People had never seen anything like it before, but were fascinated.  Twenty years later, snowboarding had literally taken the winter sports world by storm, and became nearly as commonplace as skiing.

The new rave is paddle boarding.  For those of you who have never seen one before–it is like an oversized longboard, or a wind-surfing board without a sail.  Built for stability rather than quick maneuverability, paddle boards have become one of those new adventure sports that appeal to nearly every generation.

Now there is paddle boarding in Manuel Antonio: A new company called Paddle 9 offers paddle boarding tours out of Quepos.  Travelers can try out this new sport during their vacations to Costa Rica, in a secure and controlled environment.  Paddle 9 offers both ocean tours for beginners to advanced paddle boarders, and also mangrove tours for intermediate to advanced levels.  The price is $70 for approximately 2.5 hours, and includes transportation, boards, water, snacks and a professional guide.

There are few sports which offer such a serene and tranquil proximity to nature.  Standing on a floating board out at sea, watching the lush coastline, and observing the pelicans fly in V-formations over the water is about as sublime as you can get.  For travelers who are here staying at a hotel or vacation rental home in Manuel Antonio, it is a great opportunity to try something new, get some exercise, become closer to nature, and–who knows, maybe even end up on the brochure!

Paddle 9 Brochure

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