How I Got Paid $80 to Receive the Best Massage I’ve Ever Had

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One of the few perks of property management and vacation rentals is the interconnectivity one makes in the industry.  Our industry is luxury rental homes, ocean-view condos, adventure tours, spa treatments, and fine dining.  How can we possibly sell these services without getting to know them?  It’s a tough job, but it’s our duty to get to know the best restaurants in Manuel Antonio, to experience the canopy tours we recommend to clients, to sit on the verandah of a luxury, ocean-view villa and look at the view as through the eyes of our guests–and occasionally accept one of the free massages we’re offered.

Massage at VP Private Resort

Massage at VP Private Resort

In this case, I actually got a fantastic massage–and was paid $80 for it.  The massage therapist was Cinthia Rodriguez–Manuel Antonio’s best tica masseuse.  The $80 was for some pending commissions she owed me.  Yes–everyone in the industry gets paid a small commission for booking tours and services; it’s part of what we do.

In truth, we take advantage of our opportunities far less than we should.  A free massage in exchange for dozens of referred clients is good business (thanks, Cinthia!).  A free dinner in exchange for years of referring our clients to a local restaurant is welcome (thanks, Kapi Kapi!).  Yet–more than ‘good business’, it is a demonstration of mutual appreciation and support.  We refer our clients to specific massage therapists, tour operators and restaurants because we know them to be the best in the industry–and the most likely to make our clients happy.  You can offer any sort of perk or commission you want–but if you don’t offer good service, don’t waste your time.  Our industry is tourism in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica–but our product is happy clientele.

So what shall we try next week?  Costa Rica’s longest Superman cable?  A free yoga class?  Some locally-made tamales?

It’s nearly Christmas–so maybe the tamales.


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