Parasailing in Manuel Antonio… is for the Chicks

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Manuel Antonio Rental Properties - Parasailing

It was another beautiful Sunday in Manuel Antonio.  I had brought the family down to the main part of Playa Espadilla for a change, and we were enjoying the comforts of Mary’s rental chairs and beverage service.  The waves were small that day–perfect for Amaya and her friend, Hallie, to practice with their new body boards.  They were just playing around in the whitewater–but hey, for a couple of 4-year-olds their bravery was impressive.

Manuel Antonio Rental Properties - Parasailing 2

“Did you see how brave Amaya was?” I asked Estela.  “Both of them–but Hallie’s just, like, out there.  Amaya’s really brave to go out there and challenge her fears…”

It was shortly thereafter when they announced that they were going parasailing–for the first time.

4-year-olds never cease to impress me!  It seems like yesterday I was

trying to coax her down the 3-foot plastic slide we have at home–and now: canopy tours, body boarding and parasailing?Manuel Antonio Rental Properties - Parasailing Plus, Miguel  was there, and would take care of them.  I had no doubts, to be honest.  The parasailing company was Aguas Azules, and I knew they had a 100% safe and professional operation.  They are one of the best tour operators in Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio Rental Properties - Parasailing

Manuel Antonio Rental Properties - Parasailing

I was the typical, proud, excited father–taking pictures, and boasting to strangers on the beach.  They looked so peaceful, floating above the beach and islands.  They had a smooth landing at sea, and were quickly whisked back to shore on the back of a Wave Runner.  All three of them were beaming.Estela would also go along–three in row, with Estela in the middle and the girls on the outsides.  It’ amazing that up to three people at a time can go parasailing these days!

Manuel Antonio Rental Properties - Parasailing

“How was it?” asked Nicole–Hallie’s mom–when they finally came skipping back.

“Great!” exclaimed Hallie.

“Great!” chimed in Amaya.

“What’s for lunch?”


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