Trip Advisor: Manuel Antonio #1 Beach in Central America!

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Manuel Antonio Beach

Trip Advisor has become a household name, and trusted source for travel information around the world. What better way to get the inside scoop than directly from the travelers themselves?  Whether you’re looking for ratings for hotels, vacation rentals, beach homes, top restaurants, or other information, travelers trust other travelers’ ratings and reviews, and Trip Advisor is the go-to source.

Every year, Trip Advisor also puts out the Travelers’ Choice awards– the top-rated destinations, hotels, and beaches according to the very travelers who have visited them.  Thus it is an honor and pleasure to announce that Manuel Antonio beach was voted as the #1 Beach in Central America for 2013!

Trip Advisor: Travelers’ Choice Awards 2013 (link)

For those who have visited Manuel Antonio beach, this will come as no surprise.  The only question is–which beach takes the grand prize?  Playa Espadilla?  Playa Espadilla Sur?  Playa Manuel Antonio?  What surprises many people is just how many beaches there are in the Manuel Antonio – Quepos area.  You can walk down to Playa Bisanz–a cove beach, and the best beach for snorkeling.  You can hike down to Playa La Macha–a lesser-known beach, private, and surrounded by cliffs.  You can kayak to Tulemar beach and have drinks in the lap of luxury.  You can take a ferry from Quepos over to Playa Cocal–miles of wide, open beach with few visitors.  You can go surfing at Playitas.  There’s even a Playa Escondida–aka ‘Hidden Beach’.

So whether your preference is lounging on a beach chair under an umbrella and being served drinks by Mari… or tromping through the rainforest to a secluded cove beach to go snorkeling–Manuel Antonio has something for every beach lover!


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