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Costa Rica is without doubt one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, and an attractive place for tourism, investment and real estate.  For newcomers, regarding real estate, it  is can be confusing to sort out the where's, how's, and who's to deal with.

How does real estate work in Costa Rica?
Who should I contact?
Is there an MLS? Caribbean or Pacific?
Mountain or Coast?
Do I opt for the humid, mountainous rainforests of the south Pacific--or the arid, rolling hills of the north? 

It comes as a surprise to many people just how diverse Costa Rica is: While only the size of West Virginia it has a dramatically diverse range of climates, topography, development and culture.  Finding the ideal location is the first step; finding the ideal real estate property the next.  It's important to work with someone who you trust, and who knows the ins-and-outs of the Costa Rican real estate system. is designed to answer many of the common questions and curiosities potential real estate purchasers have--and to give an honest, expert opinion on how to approach real estate in Costa Rica.  

My name is Kent Thompson, and I worked as a realtor for one of the most prestigious real estate firms in the country for several years, serving the areas of the central and southern Pacific.  Through my experience, I gained tremendous insight to the Costa Rican real estate system, and the diversity of its markets.  Being located in Manuel Antonio has given me a unique perspective on three very different areas of the Pacific coast: Jaco / Herradura, Manuel Antonio / Quepos, and Dominical (Costa Ballena).  These three areas offer something for just about everyone, depending on your taste.

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