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Spas & Services

Massage Treatments and Spa Packages, villa rentals in Costa Rica

Spa treatments are the strawberry on the cheesecake.

There is no better way to indulge your soul than to spend the afternoon at the spa--or better, getting a professional spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. In Manuel Antonio, there are few spas to choose from, and a great number of massage therapists. They offer massages of all types: traditional, facial, deep tissue, and even one with warm river stones. Some of the names make you want to try them out: Tropical Treasure Experience... Mandarin Royal Foot Treatment... and even the Sea Slimming Ritual. How could you resist a combination Jungle Dew Facial followed by a Fresh Coconut Milk Foot Soak?

Ask your concierge for advice about Massage Treatments and Spa Packages!


Yoga in Manuel Antonio, villa rentals in Costa Rica

Yoga in Manuel Antonio has become a popular way to both exercise the body, and release the mind. When you're on vacation, yoga not only keeps your body active, but helps you relax and stay in the moment. These days, there is also a menu of yoga to choose from: beginner's yoga, advanced yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, beach yoga, rainforest yoga--even yoga on the Pacific Ocean.

Prices vary depending on the instructor, location and type--but in general are approximately $15 per person for organized classes or $45 per person for private classes. Why not try yoga in Manuel Antonio?

Chef Services

chef service packages in Manuel Antonio, villa rentals in Costa Rica

In Manuel Antonio chefs can change a working vacation to a relaxing vacation. Not only will they cook up whatever delicious, gourmet food you choose from their menus, but also serve it will panache, and do the cleaning up afterwards. Choose your appetizers, choose your main dishes, and choose your desserts--and then enjoy the sunset while your chef prepares the best meal of your trip. What will you order? The patacones or ceviche? Coconut-crusted mahi mahi or bleu cheese tenderloin? Tres leches or the vainilla bean creme brulee?

Inquire about daily or weekly chef service packages in Manuel Antonio!

Transportation Services

Transportation Services, Manuel Antonio vacation rentals

Getting to Manuel Antonio--and getting back home, are two important steps in the journey.  We can help you with your transportation in Costa Rica--from car rentals to a van with a driver, transportation from San Jose to Manuel Antonio, private plane charters, and even boat transportation.  Depending on the needs and size of your party, we will help guide you to the best option.  

  • Weekly car rentals
  • Transportation from the San Jose airport to Manuel Antonio
  • Private vans and coasters
  • Boat transportation
  • The Burro Express (Disclaimer: You may not get there on time.)

Other Services

Ever wanted to learn to dance salsa?  Or how to cook fresh tuna?  Just because it doesn't appear on the list doesn't mean it doesn't exist!  In Manuel Antonio there are a number of less-frequently asked-for services which we'd be happy to assist you with.  Here are just a few:

  • Latin dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Spanish classes
  • Translation services
  • Videography
  • Photography classes
  • Rainforest education
  • Yoga classes